Guns Of Boom Hack

Guns Of Boom Hack – Gold and GunBucks Cheats 2018

‘Guns of Boom’ is a great first-person shooter game, which is developed and published by Game Insight. The game highlights intense console quality gaming graphics on both mobile platforms i.e. Android and iOS. The gameplay is pretty simple, as it allows you to team up and battle against other online players and experience the thrill of close combat warfare. The game and our Guns of Boom hack is extremely popular on Android and iOS systems, and attracts a fair number of gamers on both platforms.

Guns Of Boom Hack

The game runs on two different types of game currencies, which are GunBucks and Gold – both can be generated with Guns Of Boom Cheats. There are multiple ways to obtain these currencies in the game and easiest of them is purchasing with real money. Both currencies play an important role on your gameplay, as your gaming experience is totally enhanced when you have plenty of them in your account.


GunBucks are the main in-game currency, which can be used to purchase different types of guns such as Assault Rifle, Shotguns, Handguns, etc. You can also use them to purchase clothing, hats, and other gear for your gaming character. You can earn GunBucks by playing quests and multiplayer battles. However, the amount of GunBucks earned entirely depends on your performance in the game. For instance, if you have more number of kills performed by your team in the battlefield then the GunBucks awarded will be more. You can also get GunBucks with the help of Guns Of Boom Hack.


Gold are special in-game currencies, which are difficult to earn in the game and can be easily bought with real money. This currency is required for purchasing special weapons, while the common ones can be purchased with GunBucks. Gold is a unique currency in the game as it can be converted into GunBucks whenever required. However, you need at least 50 Gold in your account, which can be converted to 2400 GunBucks. Lesser amount of Gold cannot be converted. If you are out of gold, don’t worry as our Guns Of Boom Hack 2018 can generate this currency as well!

There are three ways through which you can be successful in the game.  First one is by spending real money on purchasing virtual currencies. Second method is by collecting the required currencies through hard work. The third way is the easiest one as you need to use Guns Of Boom Cheats for generating unlimited currencies instantly.



If you are using the second method for acquiring in-game currencies by grinding then the below mentioned tips will aid you in acquiring the right gear and currencies with minimal efforts.

Game Chests:

They are the best way to earn GunBucks, Grenades, and Health Packs in the game. You get one free Game Chests every 6 hours in the game, which rewards you with 250 GunBucks, 5 Grenades, and 5 Health Packs. So, make sure you collect it as and when they become available.

Completing Daily And Other Quests:

Quests provide an easy way of earning Gold and GunBucks. All you need to do is keep tabs on the daily quests and make sure they are completed in order to receive the mentioned rewards.

Killing Enemies In Combat:

Playing lots of multiplayer games is a good way to earn money; but, the amount of money depends on the enemies you have killed, number of assists, number of headshots, etc. Moreover, it also depends on the outcome of the match. If you manage to kill maximum enemies and your team loses in the battle then the rewards earned will be low. On the other hand, if your team wins, in spite of you killing lesser enemies, you will still earn good rewards. So, play as many matches as you can in order to get maximum rewards in the game.

Watching Videos:

Watching ad videos is the best way to receive a free reward chest. If you are lucky, then you can even double your rewards earned in the match. So, try to watch an advertisement video as soon as you receive a pop-up because watching them quickly within a few seconds may even give you a surprise gift.

There are lots of reasons due to which Guns of Boom game has become popular among online gamers. Listed below are some of the top reasons for its popularity:

Multiplayer Mode:

The game features an intense multiplayer mode where you are teamed with random online players in a death match against a team of other online players. Your gaming character can re-spawn in 5 seconds after getting killed. The team that scores maximum number of points at the end of the match wins the game. Points can be scored by killing other players in the game. In short, the team that has more number of kills to its credit wins the game.


The game doesn’t feature a single player campaign, so in order to give the players a sense of purpose in the game, Quests were introduced. There are two types of quests in the game i.e. Daily Quests and All Time Quests. Daily quests consist of small tasks such as killing five men with grenades, purchasing a sub-machine gun, etc. While All Time Quests consists of tasks such as leveling up, 30 Head Shots, 100 Kills, etc. Daily Quests changes every day so you have to complete the current quests within a span of 24 hours if you want to reap the rewards for the same. If you are too lazy for quests you can always choose Guns Of Boom Hack Cheats.

Character Customization:

Once you start playing the game, you will be assigned with a random computer generated character. You can customize this character as per your preferences. In order to do that, you need to unlock the right amount of customization gear. In addition to customizing your character, you can also purchase gear and armor that will not only make your character look good, but also shield them from the external damages.

Different Weapons:

There are different weapons that can be unlocked and purchased in the game. Varieties of weapons such as Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Heavy Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Hand Guns, Knives, etc. are available in the armory. You have to unlock them to purchase. Further, in each class of weapon you get a choice of different weapon sets.

For instance, in Sniper Rifles, you can purchase weapons such as Veteran, Undertaker, Falcon, Punisher, Manticore, Thanatos, Scout, Quicksilver, Lizard, Iceberg, Prometheus and Liquidator. You have to reach a certain level in order to purchase these weapons in addition to the amount specified.

Apart from purchasing weapons, you can also upgrade your weapons in order to increase the features of your weapon such as Power, Accuracy, Range, and Magazine. You can customize your weapon by using different weapon skins, which will make them look good. However, it will not increase the effectiveness of the weapon.

Grenades And Gears:

Apart from the different weapons, you can also purchase grenades and other items that can aid you in the game. Grenades can be thrown at the enemies and can result death of multiple enemies at once, which makes them a soldier’s closest companion in the battle. Health Packs can be used in the game to replenish the amount of lost health in the combat. They are also important as they provide some more time to hunt and kill your enemies. You can buy Grenades and Health Packs from the armory in order to give them an edge in the battle if you don’t have enough resources then simply try Guns of boom hack.

Socially Connected:

You can connect your game to your social networking account in order to stay socially connected with your friends. Also, you are entitled to one-time benefits, which include receiving some add-on gears by connecting to social networking accounts and joining the official community page.


It is well quoted that ‘United We Stand And Divided We Fall! On similar notes, the game has introduced a clan feature, so that you can create a clan of your own and ask other players to join it. You can also join clans of other online players once you receive a joining invite. By joining a clan, you can participate in clan battles, which have great rewards to offer, especially to the winning teams. You can also participate in clan events in the game.

To conclude, Guns of Boom is an entertaining online game that has earned 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. If you are looking for a thrilling online game, then you should try playing this game with our Guns of Boom Hack.


Guns Of Boom Hack